Extended Reality Challenges

Challenges that XR hasn’t taken off yet!

Adoption of immersive technologies is the lack of good user experience design that is the 3D interface design that is difficult and much more expensive than expected it to be. The main goal should be the user experience design, however, is not solely a design challenge. Challenges with XR, such as eye-strain and sound disorientation need to be overcome and the cost of implementation, the technology needs to come down otherwise it will be a useless application for the companies to be invested.

If comes to Convenience, availability and access will be the only choice to underlying the technology to be available at an affordable price and complement the more high-end products. Whereas, despite of user-experience limitations, the convenience and developer familiarity establish early strong foothold in the market that has a strong developer base and are widespread.

The VR technologies should be seamlessly enhanced at a content to be reasonably affordable and worth nothing at the same time. Maybe not tomorrow, perhaps not even the next year, but soon it will become the ideal version of applications and technologies, by overcoming the obstacles—which it grows closer to every day.

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