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• Effective landing pages created for the Event on

• Event listed as a Featured Event on the homepage of ExtendedReality.News

• Full marketing blitz during any phase.

• At least three newsletter alerts sent out to newsletter subscribers.

• Leaderboard banner placed above-the-fold on each page of

• Promotion across major social media including ExtendedReality.News accounts.

• Newly created event listing page is linked at the right sidebar of all events pages on ExtendedReality.News

 • Promotion of event page over social media accounts including publishing multiple number of posts on Facebook and Twitter.

• Press release gets published over and linked back from the listing page.

• Extra features & information on the event added into the listing page at

• Unlimited number of changes in Event landing page listed over

• Publishing of Blogposts on the event at (and linking to event listing page). Blogposts shared at various XR, AR, VR & MR Groups on Facebook & Telegram.

• Further buzz created through sharing amongst various event networks and other outlets.

• Duration of campaign: Till Campaign Ends

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