Extended Reality in Automotive

Extended Reality in Automotive

Extended Reality is attracting the attention of businesses of all sizes, spread across a variety of industries. Automotive designers use technology to carving new vehicles in virtual reality design suites.

Extended Reality technology spending has exploded in the last two years since the release of affordable headsets. The guide also examines the future of Extended Reality technology and how the industry is expected to grow.

Experts predict that in coming years, the travel and leisure industry will funnel 80 per cent of its total Extended Reality investment into Augmented Reality. The guide also shows that in future there will be millions worth of smart glasses shipments for the automotive industry alone.

In contradiction to recent speculation that the popularity of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality is decreasing, the conclusion of this extensive research shows that the future of Extended Reality is bright. Consumers are proving this by continuing to purchase hardware for both Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, and industries are increasingly recognizing the practical applications in the workplace. It is clear that Extended Reality is destined to play an important role in classrooms, hospitals, factories, and offices.


As a technology provider, it’s important that we stay ahead of the curve. As technology develops there are more opportunities to learn about and engage with Extended Reality and its potential is hugely exciting. This guide is our way of highlighting the bright future which lies ahead.”

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