Extended Reality in Healthcare

Extended Reality in Healthcare

Extended reality (XR) has been revolutionary in the field of medicine and health care. Technology and innovation has not only increased the scope of the well equipped hospitals but also treatment of any to every type of disease ranging low end to high end. Below listed are some ways in which extended reality (augmented reality, virtual reality and mixed reality) helps in betterment of healthcare sector:

  • Surgeons can visualise the complexities of human body much easily. The technology allows them to reach even the smallest part of human body and study it in terms of x-rays or even 3D structures.

  • Virtual reality helps in seeing and memorizing things on a better level, thus helpful in training new medical students and increasing their retention power.

  • Seeing and studying the human brain in 3D. This has been of a great help as 2D representation only focused on either front or back or top part on the brain.

XR has been an immense support as it has taken the medical or healthcare field to next level. Empowering young generation to pose betterment in everyone’s life

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