Extended Reality in Real Estate

If the technology world loves anything more than acronyms, it’s concepts that squeeze multiple advancements into one grab bag of innovation. Extended Reality  is a catch-all term for all reality-bending technologies and the next major marriage of concepts. With the growing popularity of such technology, it’s likely that everyone will soon watch cross-reality advertising on their Extended Reality  platform of choice.

For real estate agents, who often have to convince their clients to imagine the potential of a property, cross-reality advertising, Extended Reality  sales presentations, and Extended Reality  layout scenarios provide strong business opportunities and experience enhancements.

Extended Reality ‘s core functions are already available to enterprise real estate companies and personnel via hands-free devices such as Virtual Reality headsets — and since all the technologies under its umbrella are still in their infancy, the next steps will only improve the experience.

More than most fields, real estate sales situations must rely on a visual approach, allowing customers to envision themselves in a space that is not theirs yet. A car buyer can likely go to the lot or the brand’s website and see the car she’s eyeing in a number of different shades, but most real estate room designer tools lack sufficient visual draw to make an impact and often require a huge time investment per customer.

So yes, Extended Reality  is coming, and yes, the framework is coming together. However the average agency ends up connecting its communications systems to Extended Reality , everyone knows the shift toward augmented reality advertising is coming — and nobody wants to be the last seller on the block with a nice Virtual Reality system.

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