Varwin To Demonstrate New Features Of the Platform At XRSWeek 2019

October 14, 2019

Varwin now has a Desktop Player regime, which makes VR projects accessible to a wider audience. With this feature, it is no longer necessary for users to own VR equipment, as they can now watch VR projects directly from their computer. With the Desktop Player, a user not only immerses themselves in the VR environment but can also move within the location, touch and rotate objects, and perform all other actions previously possible only with the VR headset. This feature is available for all projects created on the Varwin platform. Now users can have a true VR experience with only a mouse and keyboard.

Varwin RMS (Reality Management System) is a Unity-based platform that allows developers to create high-quality VR projects that anyone can manage. Until now, that task was only accessible to highly-trained developers due to the complexity of VR technology, forcing clients to pester devs for every tiny edit or change.

Varwin makes it easy for clients to make small changes themselves, zero special skills required, allowing developers to focus on projects that do require coding. This is achieved thanks to the drag-and-drop logic interface based on Google’s Blockly visual language that presents coding concepts as interlocking blocks. The internal logic of objects is created by the community of developers in Unity and then transferred into Varwin for simple drag-and-drop management. Logic schemes, scenes, and objects can be reused, so every creator contributes to the development of the platform and simplifies creation for other users. Thanks to this approach any person with zero coding skills can manage professional training, interactive presentation, educational and marketing VR projects of any level.

Developers save time on editing and boost the development speed by using objects with predefined logic of interaction and reusing the ones already created. In Varwin they have access to an asset library with free samples, an intuitive WYSIWYG editor, and a Unity SDK for asset creation. Both developers and clients have access to the platform, so the updates are delivered to clients automatically and applied instantly. All of that streamlines the workflow, boosts project implementation and reduces development costs.

“VR isn’t massively applied by business yet because the customer can’t manage content without developers and everything depends on vendors. Thus, VR production is still expensive, time-consuming and inflexible. The same was with websites years ago until CMS showed up. Varwin Reality Management System (RMS) will make VR accessible to everyone. The world changes when information can be managed by its owner, not by a programmer”, says Alex Dovzhikov, CEO of Varwin.

The global VR content market is forecast to reach $41B by the end of 2024. Having more people join the ride will boost the chances of getting there. With more developers worldwide producing reusable VR solutions, there will be more project owners who can manage their VR projects in real-time, without applying coding skills. The software is available for download at for free.

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Anna Salova

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