Extended Reality

What Is Extended Reality Technology?

The spring of 2022 or hot springs of 2030 just made conscious about the opening of solar powered e-windows and a lighting of pop-retro music, a montage of beachfront sunrises. The facilities get maintained and operated via a sophisticated predictive analytics platform in the future. Some technologies got merged upon physical world with the virtual world undoubtedly that embrace change with stumble. Even the DT (Dynamic methodology) encourages the practice of stepping back into the problem by observing the problem from a different perspective, allow researchers to explore the tensions using intuitive thinking. Challenges, basically design for the future addressed from a technical perspective to be reframed, outcomes can be identified and explored, when it extends to 2030. Personas developed for the identifying key “real-world” with the issues, relevance to the development of fictive but realistic 2030.

The real-and-virtual combined environments including human-machine interactions generated by technology and sciences, includes representatives like augmented reality and virtual reality, either blended or created with a fully immersive experience. These includes the entire spectrum from “the complete real” to “the complete virtual” set. The extension lies about the human, experiencing the senses of existence (represented by virtual reality) and the acquisition of cognition (represented by augmented reality) with the continuous development in human-computer interactions. The possibilities never led the rest to overcome and are endless with XR that made the disruptive computing platforms for the next decade, just as the cell phones of this decade has become, determined to accelerate the technologies for more and more XR adoption, displays a myriad of challenges as the vergence-accommodation conflict, access the experiences through AR glass or via screen isolated from the real world. Achieving the XR vision with a significant R&D embarking down the XR path together, with a goal to collectively some of the technical challenges that enable future with a multi-decade XR evolution, developing the foundational technology required for XR. XR needs a disruptive revolution in display technology, require the richer visual content that has the ability to seamlessly switch between virtual and real worlds.

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