Future of Virtual Reality

What to Expect From Virtual Reality in Near by Future

There are different implementations of VR system that we could use. Oculus Rift is a major VR product that has been released and HTC Vive is considered as a competing product. Both require computers with good graphics cards. In the near future, we will get PlayStation VR that improves the gaming experience with PlayStation. Soon, the VR market will start to become a crowded space. In order for virtual reality technology to work, it requires a fairly muscular Windows PC and PlayStation. These systems need higher maintenance tasks compared to mobile VR.

We may also get custom controllers too, such as Valve’s magic Hand, PlayStation Move motion controllers and various hand-enclosing controllers that work like gloves. They will allow us to reach for and interact with imaginary objects. These systems will not be cheap, but they offer far more excitement. What they offer should be quite astounding and many people would be eager to invest on enough equipment. Eventually, we should get more affordable VR solutions that provide decent overall quality, with simple and impressively visceral experience. Samsung Gear VR is one of them, but it currently works certain Samsung Galaxy smartphones.

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