Augmented Reality Devices

Why are we so Fascinated with AR Devices?

There are many reasons why we should be fascinated with the Augmented Reality Technology.

  • Great Mobility: Augmented Reality (AR) is appropriate for users who are moving constantly. Surgeons are able to use AR devices when working with patients. Voice commands can be used by professionals to take notes digitally.

  • Good Wearability: Many AR headgears, such as the Google Glass weigh in at only a few ounces. They are practical and fairly unobtrusive solutions for many situations. Made of sturdy plastic and titanium, these devices should be quite durable.

  • Hands-Free Capability: By keeping their hands free, AR glasses can become more usable for users. They will be able to use their hands to interact with AR elements.

  • Reminders and Visual Alerts: AR devices are able to deliver important and time-sensitive tasks. Workers are able to follow stringent process through quick reminders and short instructions. It’s harder to ignore AR reminders and this will allow for proper and efficient workflow.

  • Environment Awareness: With AR devices, it should be quite easy for users to be aware of their surroundings. They will be able to respond quickly to sudden changes.

  • Multi-Modal Capability: AR devices respond to head movements, gestures, taps and voice commands. Anyone from brain surgeons to laborers at factories could increase their accuracy and productivity.
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