VRX Conference & Expo 2019

VRX Conference & Expo - December 12-13, 2019

VRX 2019 (Dec 12-13, San Francisco) is the world’s premier B2B immersive tech event. The 5th edition is gathering 600+ senior business executives across enterprise, consumer entertainment, gaming, technology and investment to discuss how XR can bring ROI and propel businesses forward. Putting customers at the heart of innovation, speakers and attendees will join forces to cut the noise and reveal the best applications of VR & AR/MR. Discover the types of content proving most popular and relevant in the consumer and enterprise markets and where XR can provide the biggest value. VRX provides a forum for debating the crucial hardware and software requirements for seamless user experience, helping businesses to look ahead, build project pipelines and ultimately drive innovation.

XR Industry Insight Report 2019-2020 Released, Featuring Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Intel, Nvidia and More

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VRX Conference & Expo - December 12-13, 2019

5 Reasons Your Business Cannot Miss VRX:

  • 600+ peers and colleagues to build your network. Benchmark, debate and learn from the best minds in XR.
  • 80+ expert speakers sharing insights. You simply will not find a stronger collection of decision makers across spanning immersive tech, entertainment, business and XR investment.
  • 25+ hours of thought-provoking debate with case studies, keynotes, workshops and discussions to equip you with the skills and insights to flourish in 2020. Deep dive on one industry segment or customize your experience with sessions from each stream.
  • 10+ industry verticals to explore and learn from. With experts from across gaming, entertainment, AEC, healthcare, retail, location based XR, automotive, education, heavy industry, telecoms, FMCG and many more.
  • Save weeks of work and get more clarity in 2 days than through weeks of market research and competitive benchmarking.

We’ve spoken with hundreds of thought leaders and executives from across enterprise, gaming, entertainment and the entire immersive ecosystem to see what they needed. With a new wave of XR devices and capabilities rapidly emerging, and all of these businesses wanted one thing in common – for us to cut through the noise and find out what will ultimately best serve their customers.

  • Assess the True Impacts of the Tech: In-depth discussions and case studies highlighting the key use-cases and revenue opportunities for XR across both consumer and enterprise markets. Where do you need to be focusing NOW?
  • Learn About Its Potential: Get clarity on where XR is showing the most growth and which types of content will be in high demand. Understand what customers need, where they are in the ecosystem and how they prefer to consume content.
  • Understand How It All Fits Together: Find out how emerging technologies, such as AI, cloud, edge & spatial computing, 5G, IoT, machine & deep learning, will converge with XR to bring your business into a new digital age.
  • The Whole Industry In One Place: VRX is established as the annual event that brings together 600+ thought leaders and executives from across gaming, entertainment, enterprise & tech. No other event does this to the level we do.
  • Follow the Smart Money: Get exposure to the primary investors and the biggest companies backing the growth of XR. Hear where the smart money’s going when they’re betting on the next wave of applications and adoption.
  • The Real Innovators on Show: We’ll showcase the key start-ups offering game-changing VR, AR & MR solutions to drive industry growth – walk away with new inspiration and investment ideas.
  • Unrivalled Networking Opportunities: Carefully curated agenda tracks provide time to debate the learnings, discuss future directions and work on tangible takeaways.

AR, VR or MR? Learn which is right for different applications – and how to make sure you don’t waste time and money finding out

Understand Your Market Better: Hear from growing segments across both consumer and enterprise and find out what content is working, where to focus going forward and whether you need to change your strategy

Picking the Right Use-Cases: Understand which technologies and platforms suit different purposes and ensure you pick the relevant applications for your business

Learn How to Overcome Barriers to Adoption: Front line insights on how to navigate the technological and cultural hurdles when incorporating XR into workflows. Plan your pipeline with knowledge of the monetization models available

Discover Real-World Enterprise Applications: Hear where immersive tech is having the biggest business impacts; with deep dive sessions on how it’s revolutionizing training, collaboration, design & visualization and customer engagement

Proven Case Studies Showcasing Results: Find out how to capitalize on right opportunities as business awareness of the wide applications of XR increases

Tools, Applications & Implementation: Assess the hardware and software tools available, best use-cases and methods of implementation for VR, AR & MR across different industries


An exclusive gathering of the most pioneering executives in immersive tech

VRX is flooded with decision makers from all areas of the immersive tech ecosystem. There is no other conference where you can network with this level of senior executives from across multiple industries. Here’s who we’ve had at the VRX events to date, so you can see the type and calibre of executives that VRX attracts.

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