Will Mass Adoption Become a Reality for XR? VR Intelligence Unveil State of the Market Infographic

While extended reality (XR) continues to gain prominence, the market appears have reached a crossroads. Although quickly establishing itself in supporting commercial enterprise, uptake in the consumer market remains sluggish, with questions lingering around issues such as consumer awareness, content availability, cost efficiency and long-term appeal. 

As a result, the companies underpinning the immersive technology space are powering up their support and investment for enterprise, foremost through the deployment of VR technologies, followed by AR and MR, which are showing high growth rates. This is not to say that there is not a market for consumer XR but rather that the depth of interest, use cases and overall market value are currently greater in the enterprise environment, which will lead the way for the penetration of immersive technologies overall.

Ahead of this year’s VRX Conference & Expo (December 12-13, San Francisco), VR Intelligence surveyed over 750 professionals to explore what challenges they face in the adoption of virtual, augmented and mixed reality and where their priorities lay for the year ahead. The State of the Market Infographic provides you with the highlights of these results.

Access the VRX State of the Market infographic today for detailed insights and statistics into:

  • Where growth is strongest for XR applications across enterprise and consumer markets and in which industries we can expect to see greatest future growth
  • What the biggest barriers are for mass consumer adoption of XR and when VR and AR/MR adoption is expected to take place
  • The state of content production, the prioritiesand strategies of businesses for creating XR content in coming months and years

Access the VRX State of the Market infographic today

The VRX State of the Market infographic was produced in collaboration with VR Intelligence’s upcoming VRX Conference & Expo (December 12-13, San Francisco). Expecting more than 600 senior business executives from across enterprise, consumer entertainment, gaming, technology and investment, the VRX Conference & Expo will explore how XR can bring ROI and propel businesses forward. Putting customers at the heart of innovation, speakers and attendees will join forces to cut the noise and reveal the best applications of VR & AR/MR. For more information about how to get involved, please contact Kathryn Bloxham at kbloxham@vr-intelligence.com

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