SpaceVR Partners with Pico and Zerobody For Virtual Reality Orbit Experience Around the Earth During xRS Week 2019

“Humanity must rise above the earth, to the top of the atmosphere and beyond. For only then will we understand the world in which we live.” ~Socrates

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(San Francisco, October 16, 2019) – SpaceVR and Pico Interactive are coming together at xRS to provide an earth-orbiting experience with 3-D, 360° content from the International Space Station.

SpaceVR is bringing the “Overview Effect,” one of the most transformational human experiences to Pico’s All-In-One (AIO) high-resolution VR headsets which do away with the need for PC’s, phones or
wired connections. An event that was only until recently reserved for astronauts, the “Overview Effect” occurs while weightlessly viewing the strikingly awe-inspiring beauty of earth, the moon and stars.

This awe-inducing “Orbit Around The Earth” virtual reality experience was expertly curated by the SpaceVR team from real NASA footage from the International Space Station.

Attendees will be treated to this incredible program on site using the Zerobody completely dry anti-gravity sensory deprivation bed and Pico headsets. Zerobody-ers will feel as if they’re suspended in the air.

Typically the SpaceVR experience takes place in a personal floatation pod, where floaters are immersed in low Earth orbit for 45 minutes. Afterward participants have a moment to appreciate the wonders of floatation in a therapeutic saline solution that allows the body to let go of any sensory stimuli and stress.

As a space satellite company, virtual reality company and content provider, SpaceVR is also the world’s first provider of a waterproof, saltproof, heatproof patent pending VR headset. Their mission is to provide thousands of users therapeutic, wellness, educational and immersive zero-gravity experiences in floatation tanks and dry float beds.

Virtual space travel is just one of the many projects coming from SpaceVR. The company is taking zero-gravity, virtual reality to the next level through its cutting-edge plans to expand their program from ocean/under water events, advanced learning programs to pain-free birthing experiences.

“At SpaceVR we’re passionate about providing experiences that don’t just improve lives, but improve entire civilizations and make the world better. From orbiting the Earth, to exploring the deep oceans, to learning a language in 30 days, our company turns virtual reality into a truly evolutionary technology.”~Ryan Holmes, Founder

xRS Week is the annual VR/AR/XR executive conference produced by Greenlight Insights, the global leader in virtual and augmented reality market intelligence. The event is being held October 16-18, 2019 at Hotel Kabuki in San Francisco.

Founded in January 2015 by Ryan Holmes, SpaceVR is the world’s first virtual reality platform sharing live 3D, 360° content from the International Space Station (ISS).

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