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Serious Business can Lead you Towards XR, AR, VR & MR in Future

Those who are habituated with the Pokeman Go mob, they have wide knowledge about AR. Rethink about it. Augmented Reality is common and frequently used in games and social media filters. Well, this is the new trend though AR is considered to be a major feature.

In the video game industry, Virtual and augmented or effective and enhanced technologies are always used. Technology has grown and with the time it is widely used in video games for better features. The approximate amount which is used as revenue annually for this growing technology is 11.6 billion dollars. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality play an important role in upgrade our living, learning, and work. Every step like healthcare, real estate, education, live events, etc. are the area where AR and VR constantly changing the path in a good way.

Healthcare Industry:

It is assumed that in 2025, the revenue amount is 5 billion dollars in the sector of healthcare from AR and VR. In the healthcare industry, who associated with the technology, they want to expect more advancement in AR technology. Now in the doctor’s office and hospitals, AR technology is already used. This is the new area of AR application. An Accuvein scanner is a suitable example of this application. AR detects the valves and veins, AR technology is widely used. Usually, healthcare professionals can diagnose patients easily.

Travel Industry:
By using the AR technology travel industry has earned various things. Among the travelers, approx 84% are very much used AR and experience it throughout the world. 42% of travelers think that AR is upgrading the standard of the trip.

Real Estate Sector:
With the help of VR technology, who are interested to buy a home can experience a tour with the help of a headset whether the construction is completed or not. So this is the reason which helps both the sellers and buyers. In spite of incomplete construction, sellers can sell the property to the buyers. After that, with the help of AR technology, you know what kind of cabinet is suited in the home. Even how the cabinet is looking like, you know before the installation.

To know the future of an effective and enhanced reality, go through these infographics and observe the transition in education, healthcare, government, and most importantly entertainment, infographic by Lumus.

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