XR Industry Insight Report

VRX Industry Report

XR Industry Insight Report: Featuring Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Intel, Nvidia and More As the extended reality (XR) market matures, it appears to have reached a tipping point. Divergences in successful use cases are starting to make themselves evident, and questions have lingered around everything from consumer awareness and content availability to technology adoption, costs … Read moreXR Industry Insight Report

Extended Reality Applications, ‘Just a Line’ for Business!

‘Visualization’ as the hardship named difficulties, somehow reaching in remote areas after the evolution of XR that improves the learning experiences for the generation skilled human capital. ‘Training’ and skill development industry blessed with XR for the workers to be trained in the complete field with a better understanding and efficient human load that ultimately … Read moreExtended Reality Applications, ‘Just a Line’ for Business!

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