Extended Reality in Banking

Innovation has been consistent in every field possible ranging from smartphones to heavy duty machineries, from medicine to banking. But the sad truth is innovation is not yet adapted by entire world .e. still some place are lagging behind.

This is due to the failure of interaction of virtual / digital world with physical world. But according to research, 2020-2024 will show immense growth in technological innovations. Augmented, virtual and mixed reality plays a major role in innovation.

  • Augmented Reality: It helps you catch any information, on any field, from anywhere. It creates a user-friendly environment to deliver the financial services in the market. It is free from hassles of paper-work and makes everything more feasible and organized.

  • Virtual Reality: It helps you communicate well with your customers. It made a shift in entire thought process of banking system. It also helped in developing an entirely new set of communication skills for interacting with customers. Best part about this is that, one can visit any branch virtualy.

  • Mixed Reality: It makes virtual objects appear on real life environment. 

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