Augmented Reality

The Next big Thing in Tech: Augmented Reality

Augmented reality will surely become the next big thing in the technology world. It is designed for gamers who want to embrace beyond the 3D experience. Augmented reality appears like holograms that seem to be a part of the real world. AR elements can be pinned to physical objects and we can interact with them. This capability is packed into an AR headset that often looks like a big visor. Future AR devices will work as standalone computer and untethered. Everything is self-contained and wireless. A proper AR device should be comfortable to wear and weighs less than one pound.

With an AR device, there’s no screen to touch and mouse to point. We will be able to manipulate AR elements with gestures. We may also gaze and use voice commands to interact with them. Users are able to see the real-life environment and make various adjustments. AR elements can be made larger by walking towards them. There’s an obviously huge potential of AR for gamers and we would need to wait for mainstream games that are fully optimized for AR capability. Businesses will also be able to use AR technology for business meetings and marketing purposes.

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