Virtual Reality Devices

Which VR Device Is Right for You?

There are few things that we should look for when choosing the right VR device for various purposes. Top requirements may include high resolution, lightweight design and wide field of view. A VR set is consisted of a Head Mounted Display or HMD. It should fit perfectly on our head, much like our own sunglasses. Lenses in HMD display 3D elements accurately in a VR environment. The HMD should have an embedded tracking system that can take note the position and angle of the head. The software comes with an eye-tracking technology to sense where users are looking.

VR headsets should be able to show both rear-world view remotely and computer-generated images. We may also consider choosing a VR set that can superimpose CGI over real world views and it’s also called as optical see-through capability. Field of view in a VR headset is often narrower that what we naturally experience. The normal field of view is nearly 180-degree, so it is important the VR set could mimic this capability. Low-cost models may have only 25-degree FOV. Bigger field of view will allow for better immersion in the virtual environment. Narrow field of view often eliminates peripheral vision and restricts satisfactory experience.

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