Future of Augmented Reality

What to Expect From Augmented Reality in Near by Future

There are a few things that we can expect from augmented reality in near future.

  • AR Makes it Real: Gaming, video watching and other activities are often only a 2D experience. Once affordable and usable AR headsets finally hit the market, we would be able to get various AR content. Smartphones could also feature various AR elements, such as by integration with special head gears.
  • More Numerous VR Locations: There are many locations that require AR technology to deliver more impressiveness to consumers, workers and average users. Theme parks may combine augmented reality experiences with their existing real life objects.
  • Deeper Social Ties: People will be able to interact better with friends and relatives using the Augmented Reality Technology. The bond between them will be much easier to be created and established. In each AR community, people will be able to meet as if in real life. It is also possible to prevent malicious actions, by interacting directly with the person.
  • Mental and Physical Benefits: Compared with interacting with TV or monitor screen, people are more active physically with AR devices. There are also mental benefits by using AR therapies. People could better manage their anxiety and depression, because methods provided by therapists can become effective for patients.

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